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Free Sample :  Chapter 8: The Alchemy of Secuity Design: Methodology, Patterns and Reality Checks  (PDF) (HTML)

Free Sample :  Chapter 3: Understanding Java 2 Platform Security:  Java Sandbox Security, Applet Security, Java Web Start Security, Java Security Management Tools, J2ME Security fundamentals, Java Card Security Basics, Securing Java Code  (HTML)


Managing PIV and Converging Physical and Logical Access Control (Emphasis on implementing HSPD-12/FIPS-201 mandates) - Ramesh Nagappan (Smart Cards in Government Conference 2008) - (PDF)

Interoperable Identity Provisioning in a Distributed World (With emphasis on SPML) - RSA 2007 Panel - Mark Diodati, Ramesh Nagappan, Sampo Kellomaki (RSA Conference 2007 - February 08,2007) - (PDF)

Biometric Single Sign-on using SAML : Archictecture and Design Strategies -  Ramesh Nagappan (Biometric Consortium Conference 2006, Baltimore, MD - September 21, 2006) - (PDF)

Biometrics and Identity Management - Panel discussion with Ramesh Nagappan and Ed Clay (Sun CEC Conference, September 2006) - (PDF)

Security By Default - Patterns-Driven Security Design for Java Enterprise Applications by Ramesh Nagappan (NEJUG - June 08, 2006) - (PDF)

Demystifying Java Platform Security Architecture by Ramesh Nagappan (BU Security Summit - April 14, 2006) - (PDF)

JavaONE 2005 Presentation: Biometric Authentication for J2EE Applications by Ramesh Nagappan and Reid Williams - (PDF)

RSA 2005 Panel : Building End-to-End Security for XML Web Services: Applied Techniques, Patterns and Best Practices (Chris Steel, Ramesh Nagappan, Ray Lai) - (PDF)

RSA 2005 Panel: Security Patterns and Best Practices for J2EE, Web Services and Identity Management (Chris Steel, Ramesh Nagappan, Ray Lai) - (PDF)

Demystifying Java Platform Security Architecture - Overview & Drilldown on J2SE, J2ME, JavaCard Security, Java Code Obfuscation by Ramesh Nagappan (PDF)


Biometric Authentication for J2EE, Web and Enterprise Applications (Ramesh Nagappan and Tuomo Lampinen)

Demystifying Java Platform Security (Part 1 and 2) by Ramesh Nagappan (Hosted by

Enterprise Java Security Expert Advice by Ramesh Nagappan (Hosted by

Web Services Security a Challenging Endaveour by Ramesh Nagappan

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